Generative AI will Level the Playing Field, but Agencies Will Retain Their Advantage

Tim Cross 03 October, 2023 

The growth in capabilities of generative AI tools mean that kids sat in their bedrooms can now create content which not so long ago would have required a team of professional creatives to make.

But that doesn’t mean it will level the playing field entirely says Mariëlle Tolen, associate creative director at Media.Monks. Agencies will still have advantages around data, as well as better understandings of brands’ specific needs, and will also be able to build custom AI models to better serve brands.

In this interview, Tolen also discusses how Media.Monks is currently using generative AI, and the role it’s playing in creating short-form ‘highlights’ videos for sports and other valuable properties. Filmed at VideoWeek Cologne 2023.

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About the Author:

Tim Cross is Assistant Editor at VideoWeek.
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