TF1 is Working Towards True Cross-Media Measurement and CPM Trading

Tim Cross 02 October, 2023 

France, like other European markets, is making steady progress towards providing advertisers with tools for effective cross media measurement says Philippe Boscher, head of digital, data, research, addressable TV & innovation at TF1 Publicité. From the start of next year, France’s TV panel will be expanded to cover mobile viewing and households which don’t own TV sets. And further down the line, measurement body Médiamétrie will release unified reach and frequency metrics for all viewing on TV sets – an open standard which will be used by broadcasters, but open to the likes of YouTube as well.

In this interview Boscher also discusses TF1’s views on CPM-based trading for TV, the growth of addressable TV advertising in France, and TF1’s deal to sell Samsung’s FAST inventory. Filmed in Cologne at DMEXCO 2023.

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