“The Powers That Be” Underestimate AI Disruption

Dan Meier 20 July, 2023 

The advertising industry is bracing for the impact of AI, but according to Sir Martin Sorrell, Executive Chairman at S4 Capital, “the powers that be” are still downplaying the sheer disruption the technology will bring.

From pricing to hiring, AI is sweeping every aspect of the business. At the same time, the tech stands to revolutionise knowledge sharing, reduce political friction and streamline production.

“If you can concertina the production process down from two weeks to two hours, and produce all these atomic assets, the burden is on selecting the right assets – which is the brain work.”

In this video interview, filmed in Cannes, Sorrell also explores the decline of free-to-air networks, the impact of inflation, and whether spending money in Cannes is even advisable given the economic climate.


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