European Commission’s Google Intervention Sets an Important Precedent

Dan Meier 29 June, 2023 

The EU’s suggestion that Google divests its ad tech business has come as welcome news to other vendors looking for a fairer playing field. “Changing behaviour is going to be hard,” says Paola Colombo, General Manager, Ad Tech & Business Development at Publitalia ’80. “That’s why a decision like having them breaking their stack and selling some of the parts could definitely be a solution.”

And there is more optimism to be had around measurement, with the Italian media building complementary Joint Industry Committees (JICs) for both TV and digital. “We hear agencies and advertisers asking with a loud voice for measurement,” notes Colombo. “But I think we are on the right path.”

Paola Colombo joined us at the VideoWeek Villa in Cannes to examine the rise of addressable campaigns in Italy, the power of connected TV, and the need for consolidation among European broadcast companies.

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