The Influencer Industry is Fleeing VidCon for Cannes

Dan Meier 26 June, 2023 

After 10 years as the essential festival for the creator community, VidCon’s popularity is waning among influencers, marketers and brands. “They’re trying to go to the higher level executives,” says Rob Ryan, marketing and digital branding specialist – and that means coming to Cannes.

At the same time, creators are leaving YouTube for Snapchat, and making five times their monthly income in a single day. “They’re no longer YouTubers,” says Ryan. “They’re now Snapchat creators.”

The “Influencer to the Influencers” joins us at the VideoWeek Villa in Cannes to explain these shifts in the creator economy, from the VidCon exodus to the resurgence of Snapchat.


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