TF1 PUB Builds Out its Retail Data with Cdiscount Partnership

Dan Meier 22 May, 2024 

The rise of retail media, coupled with the eventual phasing out of third-party cookies, has made retail data increasingly attractive for advertisers – and therefore particularly valuable to publishers and broadcasters. To that end, French broadcaster TF1 is building out its store of retail data available via its sales house TF1 PUB, which this week announced a new deal with Cdiscount Advertising to enrich its data offering.

Cdiscount Advertising is the management body for Cdiscount, one of the largest e-commerce companies in France, with almost 8 million active customers. Using Cdiscount’s shopping data, advertisers will be able to target campaigns across segmented TV on TF1, as well as its new streaming service, TF1+. That data includes customer purchasing behaviour across a range of categories, including DIY, childcare, gaming, furniture and travel.

The broadcaster noted that TF1+ has 24 million registered users, in addition to data from TF1 viewers identified through set-top boxes. TF1 said that by matching these consumers with the profiles of shoppers made available by Cdiscount Advertising, advertisers can benefit from enhanced targeting in the cookieless environment of CTV.

The retail data is grouped into more than 150 segments, according to the partners, including:

• Life moments, such as becoming parents or moving house
• Lifestyle, such as athletes or DIY enthusiasts
• Purchasing behaviour, such as sport, childcare or travel

“We are very happy with this partnership with TF1 Pub which constitutes a new outlet for Cdiscount Advertising,” said Christophe Blot, Director of Cdiscount Advertising. “By relying on the richness and breadth of’s data, this collaboration will make it possible to offer an ever more relevant offer to advertisers.”

Data stores

The announcement marks the latest retail partnership by TF1 PUB, which has been making moves in the retail space in order to bolster its offering to advertisers. In 2022, the sales house partnered with Infinity Advertising, a data business formed through an alliance of five large French retailers, making their data available to activate against TF1 inventory.

The broadcaster launched its first retail data targeting campaign last year, with Spark Foundry’s campaign for food retailer BEL Group, which matched the Infinity data with 14 million French people eligible for segmented TV.

And with the addition of streaming inventory, TF1 is leveraging its revamped BVOD service to deliver greater reach and targeting. Earlier this month, the broadcaster credited its Q1 revenue growth (+6.7 percent YoY) to strong performance in advertising, with TF1+ driving a 43 percent uplift in streaming revenues.

TF1 suggested its growing store of retail data positions the broadcaster as “the retail media player”, enabling marketers to target profile verticals in both streaming and segmented TV. The company said the latest collaboration with Cdiscount expands its catalogue to more than 450 retail segments in streaming, and over 200 retail segments in segmented TV.

“We are continuing our development in retail media through our data partnerships,” said Philippe Boscher, Deputy Marketing Director of TF1 PUB. “With the integration of Cdiscount Advertising, an extremely powerful e-retailer in France, our various partners now bring together 32 million French internet users each month. It is a fantastic source of data to offer relevant and effective segments to our advertisers on our TF1+ streaming and segmented TV audiences, and particularly in CTV.”

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