EX.CO Launches Unified Video Tool for Publisher Sales Houses

Tim Cross 22 May, 2024 

EX.CO, an online video platform, today launched a new video solution specifically geared towards publisher sales houses which manage multiple websites, aimed at making it easier to optimise and manage video inventory across a range of sites. The tech company has signed up publisher collective 1XL, whose sites include City A.M, Newsquest, and The Irish News, as launch partner.

EX.CO’s publisher offering includes a video player, content management system, and monetisation tools including yield management. It also has a library of third-party content which publishers can embed within their articles.

Managing video across a large number of domains can be tricky for sales houses. But at the same time, given the higher costs associated with video, it’s particularly important for publishers to get the most out of any video content they do own, across any domains they control or sell ad space on. Indeed, 1XL’s head of digital optimisation Miriam Keck said the cooperative’s goal was for overall video output to become self-sustaining, with ad revenues funding video production, and a unified approach is an important part of this.

EX.CO says its new solution helps solve this issue. The new tools enables individual publishers within a larger network to use EX.CO’s various APIs and SDKs to upload video content, create playlists, and access third-party video content. At the network level, EX.CO gives sales houses oversight over multiple publisher domains, with performance breakdowns per publisher and insights into individual demand sources, drawn from across the network. The tech company says it does so while maintaining data privacy within respective domains.

The tools were developed initially for 1XL, and the two said this unified approach had a significant impact. EX.CO says 1XL saw nearly four times higher video dwell time across its sites, and doubled monthly revenues across the network.

“We recognise that ad management partners have distinct business needs that diverge significantly from those of traditional digital publishers, and this new solution is designed to accelerate their growth trajectory,” said EX.CO co-founder and CEO, Tom Pachys. “We’re thrilled to see 1XL’s tremendous success and look forward to further innovation with them, as well as in collaboration with future ad management partners.”

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