40 Percent of European Consumers Now Unreachable on Linear TV

Dan Meier 01 November, 2022 

As viewing habits change across Europe, over 40 percent of consumers have become unreachable from an advertising perspective on linear TV. That is why Samsung Ads advises advertisers to spend 40 percent of their total TV buys on CTV.

At the same time, more viewers are switching from SVOD to AVOD as the cost of living prevents European families from affording more than 2 or 3 subscription services. Beatriz Perez Montequi, Head of Sales, Spain & Italy at Samsung Ads, explains that AVOD is growing faster than SVOD as a result.

In this video interview, filmed at TV Rise 2022 in Barcelona, Montequi details the rise of streamers in Europe, the value of ACR technology, and how Samsung Ads enables marketers to target those viewers who have become unreachable on linear TV.

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