The State of the CTV Advertising Market in Europe

Vincent Flood 13 May, 2022 

The European video and CTV advertising market is developing at PubMatic recently published some research on the State of Online Video Advertising in Europe, which was carried out by IAB Europe.

In this video, in which Hitesh Bhatt, Director, Publisher Development, CTV at Pubmatic, and Chris Edwards, Director, Business Development at Rakuten Advertising, join Vincent Flood, Editor-in-Chief at VideoWeek to discuss some of the key issues facing the European CTV advertising market today:

  • What opportunities does CTV present advertisers with when it comes to reaching TV audiences in distinct new ways?
  • How is the buy-side evolving to develop their CTV strategies?
  • What does ‘audience addressability’ mean in a CTV context?
  • Which audience and targeting solutions are emerging in CTV environments?
  • How is Rakuten tackling discoverability in a crowded CTV environment?

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About the Author:

Vincent Flood is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief at VideoWeek.
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