NBCUniversal and RTL AdConnect Announce Partnership

Niamh Carroll 12 January, 2022 

NBCUniversal and RTL AdConnect have announced a partnership that will give the two companies access to each other’s TV and digital inventory for the first time. 

For NBCUniversal the deal will strengthen their presence in Europe, for RTL AdConnect it will help expand their business beyond the continent, particularly into territories like China and the US. 

From today, RTL AdConnect’s European clients will have access to all NBCUniversal-owned and operated TV and digital inventory. Through the deal, NBCUniversal will also represent RTL AdConnect’s “Total Video European” portfolio, providing the company’s Chinese and US-based clients with reach and advertising solutions.

NBCUniversal says the deal will strengthen its existing proprietary tech offering “One Platform”. The Comcast-owned company signalled their intention to expand further. 

“We want NBCUniversal to be the number one choice for marketers globally,” said KC Sullivan, president of global advertising and partnerships, NBCUniversal. “RTL strengthens our advertising offering in Continental Europe as we strive to deepen our presence across the region.”

Last week, NBCUniversal launched NBCUnified, a first-party data solution as part of One Platform. The solution consisted of its own identifier called NBCU ID, a data marketplace which includes NBCU’s own first-party data as well as third-party data from licensed providers, and partner integrations with agencies, third-party tech platforms, industry-wide initiatives, and NBCU’s own data clean room.

Stéphane Coruble, CEO at RTL AdConnect expressed that his business was also excited by the expansion opportunities the partnership brings. 

“We are absolutely thrilled about this bilateral partnership with NBCUniversal,” he said, “This new collaboration widens our international footprint with the leading US broadcasting group and allows us to provide marketers with even more global advertising solutions.”


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