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Do Brands’ Social Boycotts Really Make an Impact?

Tim Cross  27 October, 2020

The ‘Stop Hate for Profit’ boycott of Facebook this summer picked up a lot of attention in the mainstream media, as well as the trade press, but some remain sceptical about how effective these sorts of boycotts are. Despite many big brands pausing Facebook campaigns during July, Facebook said in its Q2 earnings call that revenues over the first three weeks of the month were up ten percent year-on-year.

But Harriet Kingaby, co-chair of the Conscious Advertising Network and Amy Williams, founder and CEO of Good-Loop, agree that these boycotts are effective even if they’re not enough the halt the likes of Facebook’s rampant revenue growth. In the panel, Kingaby and Williams discuss the practical steps brands and agencies can take to take control of their media spend, and push for real change around issues like hate speech and misleading content from social platforms. Filmed at New Video Frontiers 2020.

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