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MediaMath Announces the Launches ‘Helix’, a Proprietary Data Business

  13 January, 2016

MediaMathToday MediaMath announced the launch of ‘Helix’, which the company says is a new business unit offering proprietary data. Helix will unify the data pooled by MediaMath’s partners and the company’s clients, enabling them to ‘build predictive audiences and actionable insights’.

Helix was built on top of the technology it acquired when the company bought Adroit Shopper Co-op in 2013, which MediaMath say is the largest online shopper data asset in the industry. With the launch of Helix, this data will be further enriched with other assets from MediaMath and its partners to build comprehensive, anonymous customer profiles to drive better marketing results.

MediaMath say Helix will feature anonymised transactional data, which they say will be pooled ‘from one-third of the top 100 largest retailers in the U.S. and hundreds of other members’ data’, which it will then augment with MediaMath’s own data. Unsurprisingly, Helix will be integrated with MediaMath’s TerminalOne OS. It’s going to be interesting to see how Helix will be received by competitor DSPs and if the MediaMath relationship will be a barrier to integrations.

“Programmatic’s success is built on the back of data – it is the fuel and exhaust of our industry,” said Jacob Ross, President of Helix, in a MediaMath statement. “Even after shifting significant budget, and making investments in and around programmatic strategies, advertisers still struggle with the limited scale of their own customer data and unreliability of third-party data. Helix is MediaMath’s answer to this problem: pooling high quality data that truly helps drive business outcomes.”


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