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Will Google TV Open Up New Opportunities for UK Marketers?

  27 June, 2012

Google TVSony will be introducing Google TV set-top boxes to the UK for the first time on 16th July. Google TV enables users to browse online, use apps and access content from services like Netflix and YouTube. VAN spoke to leading industry figures working in video advertising, connected TV apps, and branded content to see what the opportunities are going to be for UK marketers.

Brian Fitzpatrick, Adap.tvAdvertising: Brian Fitzpatrick, Managing Director, Europe, of, a Video Advertising Platform and Marketplace.

It’s clear that many things are changing in the world of TV, Google’s launch next month can only serve to accelerate this evolution. Until now the experience of watching your favourite programmes on TV usually meant plugging in your game console or if you were more technically minded linking your computer directly.

The new device from Sony will make it much easier for most people to turn their TV into a mini computer, the question is are ‘most people’ ready ? The launch in the US was not a resounding success, partly due to hardware problems and people may well be happy with their Tivo or Sky+.

More than likely this type of service will be bought by young people, early adapters and key influencers, it’s success or failure will be in providing an experience to this audience and getting them to tell their friends.

People are getting more used to the convenience of watching their favourite programs on catch up services however their is a distinct difference in watching a show on your iPad, Smart phone or computer, to sitting back in the comfy sofa with a cuppa to see whats happening on Coronation street.

If Google and Sony get this right it will see addressable advertising become a reality, audience targeting becoming more accurate and as Amazon did for publishing, provide a direct route to audiences for the program makers, if they don’t, we will have to wait another few years for these changes to become a reality.

Bill Scott, Easel.tvConnected TV Apps: Bill Scott, COO of, a Connected TV Apps Development Company

Clients have asked us if the launch of Google TV have the same impact as Android has had on mobiles? Possibly, though it is too early to say.  There are three pretty fundamental things that Google will have to address in order to achieve that.

Firstly they need better content, then they need a critical mass of audience.  Most importantly of all, they need to offer a true TV experience.  That is, not something that is about typing into a search box.

Instead, they should offer something more like suggested TV, using algorithms to propose programmes the viewer would be more interested in and ensuring it is a lean back experience.  Also, as an add-on box, Google needs to ensure that broadcast TV is integrated seamlessly.

Pasa Mustafa, East London ProductionsBranded Content: Pasa Mustafa, CEO of East London Productions, a Multichannel TV Production Company

Google TV launching signifies the real start of apps on TV and the end of the last dumb screen.  Google (like Apple) already have the developers and an integrated business model capable of enabling commercialisation.

Connected TV will be extremely important for brands as for a small investment it gets you access to that all important and usually expensive environment – the living room – and only one click away on the remote.

The brands that embrace this early will benefit from the low saturation of good content built specifically for these platforms and benefit from an innovative association with the viewer.

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