Why Brands Which Use Their Data Most Effectively Will Win with AI

Tim Cross 03 April, 2024 

As more generative AI tools come to market and deliver new capabilities, there will be an element of levelling the playing field for marketers, where brands which couldn’t previously afford to make high quality video or image assets can now compete more effectively.

But we’ll still see winners and losers, as some eke out competitive advantage from generative AI tools. And its brands who most effectively use AI to interrogate their data, and use those insights to inform asset creation, who will come out on top says Lindsay Hong, co-founder and CEO of SmartAssets.

In this interview, Hong discusses the role of first-party data in generative AI, and whether AI tools can really be ‘tastemakers’. Filmed at New Video Frontiers 2024 in London.

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About the Author:

Tim Cross is Assistant Editor at VideoWeek.
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