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Microsoft Pushes Privacy with New Ad Campaign

Vincent Flood  22 April, 2013

In its latest bid to position Internet Explorer as the web’s most ethical browser, Microsoft have launched an ad campaign and a new website promoting IE 10’s privacy features. In what appears to be a subtle attack on Google, Microsoft’s newspaper, online and out of home ads encourage people to reflect more deeply on where the line is for them when it comes to data sharing and collection.

Microsoft say 85 percent of people are concerned about privacy, but few actually take action. On the Microsoft blog, Ryan Gavin, General Manager for Windows, wrote:

Very few of us believe that sharing some personal data online is a bad thing. It’s part of our everyday routines to fill out profiles, login to sites, and oftentimes provide personal information like our credit card or phone numbers in order to take advantage of all the web has to offer. In fact, the more personal and relevant the web gets, the better it can get.

Yet, at some point, we all draw a line where we are uncomfortable sharing more. And when we think we’re being tracked, particularly by those we may not have a direct relationship with, our tolerance drops. And while tracking isn’t bad per se, we typically reach our information-sharing breaking point with very personal data, like items related to our kids or our health. That said, everyone is unique when it comes to what we feel comfortable sharing with whom.

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