Video Advertising Guide 2024

Chloe Thomson 22 November, 2023 

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Video Advertising Guide 2024

Launching in May 2024, the video advertising guide will look at what’s happening with cross channel video, focusing more on
publisher offerings, mobile and social, but also incorporating a limited amount of CTV advertising. The guide will explore:

• How are publishers approaching monetisation?
• How are publishers approaching identity in a post-cookie world?
• How is mobile video advertising evolving?
• How can advertisers advertise safely and effectively in social
• How to assess streaming/player technologies?
• How can publishers boost supply?
• What role does CTV play in the cross-channel mix?
(maximum of two sections available to sponsors)

Make Sure Your Company is Included

It’s important to us that we provide a comprehensive overview of the space, so please get in touch via the form below if your company would like to feature in the guide.

We can only make so many revisions to the guides once they’re published, so letting us know ahead of time is the best way to avoid exclusion, whether you’d like a dedicated section or to simply ensure your company features in the landscape map.

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