The Future of Fast 2024

Chloe Thomson 10 January, 2023 

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The Future of Fast Guide 2024

In March VideoWeek will be launching The Future of Fast Guide.

As FAST services proliferate and become an increasingly important part of the CTV media and advertising landscape, the Future of FAST guide will equip advertisers, agencies, publishers, broadcasters and platform-owners with the information they need to make sense of CTV’s most exciting emerging areas.

Make Sure Your Company is Included

It’s important to us that we provide a comprehensive overview of the space, so please get in touch via the form below if your company would like to feature in the guide, whether you operate a FAST service, syndicate content to them, provide technical/platform infrastructure, monetise FAST inventory etc.

We can only make so many revisions to the guides once they’re published, so letting us know ahead of time is the best way to avoid exclusion, whether you’d like a dedicated section or to simply ensure your company features in the landscape map.

What will the Future of FAST Guide cover?

The guide will include:

  • An industry landscape map explaining how FAST services are evolving in Europe.
  • What are FAST services and what are they bringing to the consumer that they didn’t have before?
  • What are the opportunities available to agencies and advertisers?
  • How are FAST services being monetised and measured?
  • How can you go about launching your own FAST app, or to launch a channel on existing services?

Partner on the Guide

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