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Cookieless Future Guide

Sam Howard  18 January, 2021

Cookieless Future Guide2021-03-02T14:07:14+01:00

Guide: The Cookieless Future

Launching on 30th March, 2021, our new guide, titled “The Cookieless Future: Preparing for 2022” will equip our audience with a guide on how to adapt in time for the changes around the use of cookies and the new privacy regulations.

The guide will feature a variety of solutions spanning everything from IDs and data matching solutions, right through to options like contextual targeting.

The guide will also include independent content featuring the views of leading brands, agencies and publishers/broadcasters and we will be including industry landscape maps explaining the ecosystem.

The guide will be distributed via VideoWeek, via the VideoWeek newsletter and social channels, and through a display advertising campaign.

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