“If You Can’t Do Proper Media Planning, You Shouldn’t be Using AI”

Tim Cross 09 July, 2024 

Media planning is one of the areas picked out as a major area of AI disruption, with some including Sir Martin Sorrell predicting we’ll see big falls in the number of media planners employed across the industry.

But even where AI tools are being used, it’s crucial that the person using those tools understands media planning themselves says Phil Cowdell, Chief Strategy Officer at Channel Factory. If they don’t they won’t know when AI is making a bad call – perhaps, for example, due to its own inbuilt biases.

In this interview, Cowdell also outlines the areas where AI is currently delivering most value. Filmed at the VideoWeek Villa in Cannes.

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About the Author:

Tim Cross is Assistant Editor at VideoWeek.
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