“As Long as Ads Are Relevant, People Actually Like Advertising”

Dan Meier 26 June, 2024 

Telly made a splash at Cannes last year with their unique business model of giving away free TVs in return for opted-in user data. Now the company says it is gaining traction – not because the TV is free, but because the ads are fully consented and highly relevant.

“As long as ads are relevant, people actually like advertising,” says Ilya Pozin, Founder and CEO at Telly. “They hate advertising when they’re just bombarding you with ads that are interrupting your content and completely off the mark.”

In this interview, filmed at the VideoWeek Villa in Cannes, Pozin explores the demographics of Telly’s customer base, its approach to ad sales, and how the startup became the subject of an unofficial Reddit community.

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