Advertisers Are Struggling with Fragmentation in Retail Media

Dan Meier 25 June, 2024 

The proliferation of retail media networks has caused fragmentation in the market, says Marie-Clare Puffett, Industry Development & Insights Director at IAB Europe, which in turn causes confusion among advertisers looking to scale their investments.

Dealing with multiple retail media networks becomes resource intensive for the buy-side, while reporting from the sell-side often lacks the transparency that advertisers need to compare sales across the different networks.

To address those challenges, IAB Europe has established a Retail Media Committee, which has drawn up a set of Retail Media Measurement Standards for Europe.

In this interview, filmed at the VideoWeek Villa in Cannes, Puffett explores the frustrations of advertisers in retail media, the need for standards around media and sales measurement, and IAB Europe’s work to ensure the adoption of those standards.


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