Equativ and Sharethrough Announce SSP Merger

Dan Meier 12 June, 2024 

Equativ, a French ad tech firm, is merging with Sharethrough, a Canadian supply-side platform (SSP), the companies announced today. The deal, whose financial terms were undisclosed, intends to establish an ad marketplace across 18 countries, according to the companies.

The combined entity has 720 employees, and combined net recurring revenue above $200 million, the partners said in a statement. The merger aims to provide advertisers and media owners with an alternative to walled gardens, enabling programmatic operations at scale.

The announcement follows a solid Q1 that saw double-digit YoY growth for both Equativ (+16 percent) and Sharethrough (+20 percent). They highlighted CTV, curation and green media products as growth drivers, and emphasised sustainable media, curation and supply path optimisation (SPO) as a core part of their combined offering.

The companies noted their ability to curate inventory based on sustainability and quality, while optimising creatives for attention within Sharethrough’s ad platform. The SSP also offers low-carbon media through its partnership with Scope3. Meanwhile Equativ has its own curation platform, Equativ Buyer Connect (EBC), an SPO product that grants advertisers direct access to premium inventory.

“Our company cultures are exceptionally compatible,” said JF Cote, President & CEO of Sharethrough. “Given our longstanding acquaintance, merging the two companies feels like a natural progression; one that allows us to create commercial and operational efficiencies and reach new levels of unique scalability. The union positions us as an industry leader to our top-tier demand and supply-side partners as we work to provide the tools to enable enriched and equitable value exchanges for them across the ecosystem.”

“A significant milestone” 

Equativ has previously stated its ambitions to become one of the world’s top three SSPs. Founded as Smart AdServer in 2001, the company completed a string of acquisitions (including LiquidM and DynAdmic) before rebranding as Equativ in 2022. Last year, private equity group Bridgepoint Investment took a majority stake in the French firm, valuing the business at $350 million.

Earlier this year, the company partnered with Deutsche Telekom to enable addressable advertising for the German broadcaster from mid-2024. According to the ad tech firm, these targeting capabilities help broadcasters and rights owners amplify yield through Equativ’s programmatic video ad tech stack, which includes server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technology.

“The merger with Sharethrough marks a significant milestone in Equativ‘s history,” said Equativ CEO Arnaud Créput. “The exceptional complementarity and minimal overlap between our two platforms, combining advanced TV technology, exclusive video demand, high-impact formats driving superior user attention, and our leading positions globally, will propel us among the top three independent SSPs worldwide.”

“We are excited to support Equativ and Sharethrough in this pivotal merger,” added Jean-Baptiste Salvin, Partner at Bridgepoint Development Capital. “This union represents a significant step forward, combining their unique strengths and innovative capabilities to drive unparalleled growth and value. We are confident that together, they will redefine the programmatic advertising landscape and create exceptional opportunities for their stakeholders.”

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