CFlight Adds Traded Audiences to Cross-Platform Campaign Reports

Dan Meier 13 March, 2024 

Barb has announced its latest upgrade to CFlight, the cross-platform measurement solution. The upgrade adds extended reporting of traded audiences to the tool, which aims to measure deduplicated reach and frequency across linear and streaming channels.

The measurement tool now carries 14 of the “most used” traded audiences, giving media buyers access to ad campaign performance across these audiences. They can now choose these key demographics when running a CFlight report:

  • ABC1 Adults
  • ABC1 Housepersons
  • ABC1 Men
  • ABC1 Women
  • Adults 16+
  • Adults 16-34
  • Adults 25-44
  • Adults 45+
  • Housepersons
  • Housepersons with Children
  • Men 16+
  • Men 16-34
  • Women 16+
  • Women 16-34

Trading up

The UK TV measurement body took over governance of CFlight in January, when it began offering traded audiences on a test basis. Testing was extended to all users in February, and the feature is now available to all advertisers. ITV, Sky and Channel 4 began supplying traded audience data to be ingested into CFlight in November 2023.

CFlight was previously only able to measure adult audiences, bringing the extension of traded audiences to the top of the buy-side’s wishlist for reporting campaigns across platforms. It follows the addition of frequency distribution to campaign reports last year, enabling advertisers to see how many people have seen a campaign multiple times.

Now advertisers can track performance across traded audiences in campaign reports which are available directly in the CFlight portal or can be called by media-buying agencies.

“This business-critical development of CFlight is transformational for advertisers and media buyers,” said Luca Vannini, Head of Campaign Audiences at Barb. “For the first time, they have free access to total campaign performance reporting against major trading audiences.”

“Full investment accountability on campaigns that run across what people watch in the UK, both on both linear and VOD services, is now available from this ground-breaking industry collaboration,” he added.

Taking off

Barb noted that CFlight complements its existing Advanced Campaign Hub, which provides pre-campaign planning analysis across different channels. “Together, these audience-reporting tools enable media buyers to conduct end-to-end analysis of total campaign performance across linear channels and VOD services,” said Barb.

And Barb plans to expand the number of services included in CFlight, as well as the Advanced Campaign Hub. The measurement body announced that any VOD or streaming service with a Barb licence will be able to participate in CFlight along with existing participants, opening the door to Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which have recently signed up to be measured by Barb.

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