TV’s ‘Inbetween Years’ Don’t Have to be Awkward

Tim Cross 23 November, 2023 

The TV industry is certain in an ‘inbetween moment’ says Ed Wale, VP Europe at LG Ad Solutions, with viewership split between streaming and traditional linear. Across LG’s UK device footprint, around 25 percent of devices are streaming only, 5 percent are linear only, and the rest are split between the two. But this period of transition doesn’t have to be awkward says Wale. Rather, it represents an opportunity to use new technologies and planning tools to reach their audiences.

In this interview, Wale discusses how LG is working through these inbetween years with ACR data, FAST channels, and smart TV home screen ad formats. Filmed at VideoWeek Roadmap 2023 in London.

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About the Author:

Tim Cross is Assistant Editor at VideoWeek.
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