Streaming Publishers Need to Understand the Dynamics of CTV Ad Auctions

Tim Cross 12 October, 2023 

Streaming publishers looking to supplement their direct deals with programmatic sales need to build an understanding of how their programmatic auctions operate, in order to efficiently monetise their inventory says Paul Gubbins, VP of CTV Strategy at Publica by IAS. This means understanding auction dynamics, such as the factors which influence bids, and the relationships with buyers which some SSPs have. It also means understanding what buyers are looking for when bidding on CTV, and building ad breaks accordingly.

In this interview, Gubbins also discusses why we still see issues around frequency capping on CTV, and shares his thoughts on this year’s DMEXCO. Filmed in Cologne at DMEXCO 2023.

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About the Author:

Tim Cross is Assistant Editor at VideoWeek.
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