Half of CTV Bid Requests Seen by GroupM Don’t Contain GDPR Signals

Tim Cross 10 October, 2023 

One of the factors holding back CTV advertising is a lack of vital data being sent through with bid requests. For example there’s still work to be done on capturing user and device IDs says Pia Sturm, group head of programmatic at GroupM. Perhaps even more vitally, many aren’t sending properly through GDPR consent signals. Half of bid requests seen by GroupM don’t contain consent signals, which means GroupM is unable to bid on those impressions.

In this interview, Sturm also discusses how GroupM puts a “performance twist” on CTV campaigns, and how well CTV can deliver on performance. Filmed at VideoWeek Cologne 2023.

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About the Author:

Tim Cross is Assistant Editor at VideoWeek.
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