DoubleVerify to Enable Advertisers to Identify MFA Sites

Jamie Farr 14 September, 2023 


DoubleVerify, a digital media measurement and analytics platform, today announced a solution to enable advertisers to monitor and avoid ‘Made for Advertising’ (MFA) sites.

The company has defined MFA sites as those whose sole purpose is to deliver ads. DoubleVerify say their solution aims to analyse the ad monetisation activities of MFA sites, their ad traffic sources, and their approaches to content creation.

Jack Smith, CPO at DoubleVerify, said, “The term ‘Made for Advertising’ has created significant confusion within the industry. Our goal is to safeguard advertiser investments and support publishers who are seeking to monetise legitimate content.”

DoubleVerify developed its MFA analysis process using a combination of both human and AI-based auditing. Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify, said, “DoubleVerify’s own AI tech is crucial in identifying, measuring and avoiding problematic MFA content in real time.”

An Industry-Wide Shift 

The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) published a report in June 2023 amid concerns over AI tools accelerating the production of inappropriate online content, stating that MFA websites account for 21 percent of all programmatic ad impressions, and attract 15 percent of total advertising spend. DoubleVerify claims that some MFA sites generate hundreds of millions of impressions per month.

DoubleVerify is joining a number of other ad tech companies who made public commitments over the summer to either identify or root out MFA sites in the programmatic supply chain. Magnite, a sell-side ad platform, also promised to disable MFA inventory upon advertisers’ request. Meanwhile Pubmatic, a digital technology company, and Sharethrough, a supply side platform, removed all MFA sites by default.

DoubleVerify’s offering will be available to advertisers as a beta product from 20th September, 2023.

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