Magnite Launches Dedicated CTV SSP ‘Magnite Streaming’

Tim Cross 07 February, 2023 

Sell-side ad tech software business Magnite has today announced the launch of ‘Magnite Streaming’, a dedicated supply-side platform for connected TV and other over-the-top (OTT) ad inventory. Magnite Streaming combines Magnite’s existing CTV tools with those of SpotX, the video-focussed SSP which Magnite acquired at the start of 2021. As a single platform, Magnite Stream’s clients include AMC Networks, DISH Media, Disney Advertising, FOX Corporation, FuboTV, LG Ads Solutions, VIZIO, and Warner Bros. Discovery.

CTV has been a major focus for both buy-side and sell-side ad tech companies over the past three years, with many attempting to position themselves as the market leader for CTV specifically. With this in mind, SpotX was bought by Magnite for $1.17 billion from European media group RTL. Magnite stated at the time that this deal made it the largest independent CTV and video advertising platform in the world.

But as is usually the case when bringing together two large ad tech businesses, integrating tech takes time. SpotX came with its own UX, algorithms, tech partnerships, and clients base. And all of this needed to be matched up with Magnite’s existing CTV capabilities.

With Magnite Streaming, the two platforms are now fully merged, bringing all of Magnite’s streaming clients and CTV products onto one platform. Magnite says that Magnite Streaming offers deal management capabilities, inventory curation tools, audience activation features, reporting and real time insights, and optimisation tools for live inventory.

Jill Steinhauser, SVP of ad sales planning and operations at Warner Bros. Discovery, said that the unified offering should make for a simpler user experience on the client side. “Given the breadth of our video content across different apps and distribution points, a central platform that allows us to optimise yield, troubleshoot campaigns and get real-time feedback is an incredibly powerful asset,” she said . “We look forward to using the Magnite Streaming platform to further build and unify our advertising strategy and unlock greater efficiencies in the process.”

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