Mediaocean Fleshes Out Dynamic Creative Capabilities with Imposium Acquisition

Tim Cross 17 August, 2022 

Mediaocean, a US omnichannel ad tech business, had today announced a deal to buy Imposium, a production tech company which specialises in dynamic video personalisation. The agreed price has not been disclosed.

Mediaocean already uses Imposium’s tech within Flashtalking, an ad server and creative personalisation business it acquired last year. Flashtalking’s Lightning Renderer uses Imposium’s tools to help enable high-speed rendering of personalised videos. Following the acquisition, Imposium’s video creative toolset will be further incorporated into Flashtalking’s video personalisation capabilities.

“We partnered with Flashtalking to incorporate our real-time video rendering capabilities and the resulting impact was dramatic enough that they wanted to bring the technology fully in-house,” said Jason Nickel, CEO of Imposium. “Imposium’s technology enables scalable delivery – we can generate a million unique videos a day if necessary – and our creative mandate has been to enable the marriage of storytelling and programmatic automation in a way that can amplify rather than detract from the brand storyline.”

One significant change brought about by the integration is that Flashtalking’s personalised video, which are currently available on CTV and other digital video channels, will be made available on linear television as well.

Mediaocean’s spending spree continues

Mediaocean is well established in the US, thanks to the omnipresence of its TV billing and accounting tools. But the company has been growing its offering substantially since Vista Equity Partners bought a majority stake in the company in 2015 (Vista Equity’s stake has since been bought by CVC Capital Partners and TA Associates).

Mediaocean’s acquisitions since then include cloud-based media planning business ColSpace, TV ad sales and inventory management software INVISION, media management software providers MBS, Symsys, PIN Systems and Shanghai Zanthuu Technology Solutions, image recognition specialist Drishyam AI, and data science business 4C Insights, alongside Flashtalking.

This spending spree has helped Mediocean reposition itself as an omnichannel advertising platform rather than solely a TV specialist. And this expansion looks set to continue as Mediaocean looks to continue strengthening and simplifying its omnichannel proposition.

“While Mediaocean continues to invest in new capabilities for delivery and measurement in the CTV and video space, we are also deeply committed to advancing creative production and creative management capabilities as well,” said John Nardone, president of Mediaocean. “This acquisition of Imposium, the recent acquisition of Drishyam AI, and our expansion into new outlets for video entertainment content like TikTok are all investments to support this future creative infrastructure.”

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