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Amobee and SeenThis Team Up to Streamline Advertising Ecosystem

20 April, 2022 

Advertising platform Amobee has teamed up with Swedish tech firm SeenThis to bring high-quality video assets to Amobee’s global publisher base.

Designed as a sustainable advertising ecosystem, the partnership is said to combine SeenThis’ streaming technology energy efficiencies with Amobee’s volume of ad impressions, using its Brand Intelligence tool to deliver relevant contextual ads.

Amobee stressed the necessity of providing a premium video experience in all environments including display, so by combining with SeenThis’ screen experience, advertisers can stream high-quality video without heavy ad load times or creative sizing.

This means no ad views are lost to slow load times or loading out of screen, yielding “a more sustainable advertising ecosystem” that maximises consumer attention and alleviates costs and supply limitations.

Greener screens

Thomas Houge, CCO at SeenThis, emphasised the sustainable and environmental benefits of reducing the amount of data “needed to deliver high-quality video files,” noting Amobee’s ability to increase site performance “while delivering greener campaigns for their clients.”

Piper Heitzler, Head of Growth, EMEA at Amobee, added: “We see a future where there is no divide between branding and performance campaigns, but rather a spectrum of media formats aimed at driving core business KPIs – all of which must deliver a high-quality consumer experience.”

The announcement follows an environmental collaboration between SeenThis and the Association of Online Publishers, using the company’s screen experience technology to stream images on the AOP website while cutting its internet carbon emissions. So far the initiative has reportedly cut the trade body’s data usage by 65 percent and improved its website image load time by 65-85 percent.

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