Tatari Eyes Up CTV Evolution with TheViewPoint Acquisition

Dan Meier 29 March, 2022 

Data and analytics specialist Tatari has announced the acquisition of TheViewPoint, a CTV-focused supply-side platform and ad server. TheViewPoint will provide faster and more granular data, according to Tatari, ultimately helping its clients deliver stronger outcomes. This in turn drives benefits for publishers by supporting outcomes-based buying, the company said.

More than six months in the making, the deal will see TheViewPoint resume operation under its own brand and identity, while Tatari will continue to invest and expand its relationships with existing and future supply-side platforms.

In a blog post for the company, Tatari CEO Philip Inghelbrecht outlined the “ad tech tax” paid to supply- and demand-side platforms due to the decentralised nature of digital video inventory. “In CTV, however, the need for a complex web of DSPs and SSPs to stand between buyers and sellers of inventory is more of an optionality, not a necessity,” he says. Because TheViewPoint was specifically designed for CTV, it can avoid this digital hangover and remove the ad tech tax.

Inghelbrecht notes that the move is intended to transform rather than replace publishers’ relationship with SSP partners, providing them with the CTV-focused technology to set a “Private Exchange” system hosted by Tatari. “We have started the integration process with a handful of publishers and will push for completion in the months to come.”

The announcement is the latest in a line of ad tech consolidation deals involving CTV-specific solutions, following last week’s acquisition of 1plusX by TripleLift. “The CTV supply chain can and must evolve to become much more efficient than digital video ever was,” says Inghelbrecht.

“I realise that what Tatari is doing will be considered heresy by many legacy players, but breaking the mould is what we have always stood for,” he adds. “An efficient supply chain is badly needed, and we believe that we can prove this short term through the economic benefits it yields for both buyers and sellers.”

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