International Advertisers Tap into Addressable TV for New Opportunities to Reach European Audiences

Tim Cross 01 February, 2022 

A comprehensive new whitepaper from smartclip Europe highlights current trends in addressable TV advertising and features the views of leading TV experts from across Europe. [Partnered post]

Addressable TV (ATV) offers a particularly interesting opportunity in Europe, thanks to the widespread availability of premium free TV. The technology to deliver addressable advertising has been developing over the years, and is now becoming more widely available throughout Europe. And in the context of increased TV viewing over the past two years, both digitally and via broadcast, the ability to individually target ads within traditional TV programmes is an increasingly strong offering from an advertiser’s point of view.

In a new report, smartclip, a European open ad tech platform for broadcasters and streaming services, has created a comprehensive framework for addressable TV advertising. The white paper, entitled ‘Addressable TV Advertising: New Opportunities for International Advertisers to Reach European Audiences‘, serves as a guide for advertisers and covering ATV’s strategies and opportunities, as well as information on various addressable TV ad formats and targeting capabilities available in European TV markets. The report is underpinned by ATV data compiled over the last four years, as well as insights from leading TV experts across Europe.

Some insights highlighted in the white paper include:

More and more brands are leveraging addressable TV ads

Addressable TV advertising is not only showing significant year-over-year growth in Europe, but is also lowering the barrier to entry for advertising on traditional TV. ATV advertising steadily attracts new and diverse brands from different segments that previously rarely or never invested in TV advertising.

When smartclip launched its first commercial ATV solution in 2017, 70 percent of all ATV campaigns were booked by four industries: automobile, consumer goods and FMCG, entertainment and media, and technology and telecommunications. Since then, ATV has been embraced by many more industries and brands, including finance, real estate, and insurance – a trend that industry experts predict will continue.

Addressable TV strengthens the European TV advertising market and creates attractive advertising environments.

In the white paper, smartclip bundles findings from interviews with executives from leading companies including Atresmedia, M6 Publicité, RTL AdConnect, Ad Alliance, and Amobee, which all use addressable TV advertising solutions to varying extents. These interviews help create an insightful picture of the European ATV landscape.

These interviews show that the development of addressable TV advertising in Europe is far from complete. While 85 percent of ATV campaigns across smartclip’s European portfolio are still booked via IO, there is a growing demand for programmatic ATV buying. In response to these market needs, Amobee and smartclip recently announced the formation of TechAlliance, a new broadcaster-centric, cross-screen advertising platform.

Success stories, formats and opportunities: smartclip gives an overview of a dynamic addressable TV market

Other key topics highlighted in the white paper include:

  • An investigation into the challenges of defining ATV, and further inquiry into how ATV is understood from a technology perspective versus a media sales perspective.
  • Thorough analysis of the state of addressable TV advertising across European TV markets, including local trends and opportunities, hurdles, and future predictions.
  • Exploration into the ways in which all types of advertisers – not only traditional TV buyers – benefit from ATV advertising, as well as how to buy and successfully apply ATV to any media strategy.
  • Access to diverse ATV advertising case studies that show how major international brands and agencies – such as Nissan, Spark Foundry, iglo, and MediaCom – as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, leverage ATV advertising.
  • Overview of ATV advertising formats and targeting solutions that are currently available in local European markets.

‘Addressable TV Advertising: New Opportunities for International Advertisers to Reach European Audiences’ is available for free download in its entirety at


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