Peach Acquires Creative QA Business Advalidation

08 November, 2021 

Peach, a video ad management platform, today announced it has acquired Advalidation, an ad experience and compliance solution. The acquisition was completed in September 2021.

The specifics of the deal were not announced. Peach says that the acquisition brings them a step closer to their goal “to help fix how advertising works”.

“This is our first acquisition specific to online advertising and focussed on media owners and sales houses, adding to our growing set of capabilities in that area,” said Doug Conely, chief product and technology officer at Peach, “It is an exciting move that will benefit our clients and the industry as we work to connect up the ad ecosystem, making it easier to work with and manage.”

In April of this year, Peach acquired Stockholm-based company Adtoox, which is an ad-delivery platform. At the same time, it named Stockholm its Nordics Hub.

Advalidation is another Stockholm-based company. The company automates the testing of VAST tags, digital video and display ads. Advalidation says that they scan half a million ads every month, and works with six of the 20 top publishers (as measured by Comscore).

“This is the perfect time for us to be joining Peach. Our mission, as is Peach’s, is to make it easier for clients across the advertising ecosystem to deliver better ads,” said Jesper Pops, co-founder of Advalidation.

“We aim to improve the ecosystem. We want to reduce the time it takes to manually review creatives, make it easier to deal with compliance issues and simpler to review complex creatives like XML-based VAST tags for privacy violations and other issues.”

Peach say they will work to integrate Advalidation’s features directly into their platform.


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