Introducing VideoWeek’s Guide to Gaming & Advertising

15 September, 2021 

Gaming and Advertising GuideToday we’re launching a new industry guide, the Gaming & Advertising Guide 2021, and you can download your free copy here.

Advertising in and around video games is finally coming of age. Over the past few years we’ve seen a much wider range of brands committing significant investment to gaming, as they look past old stereotypes around which types of audiences play games and which products they’re interested in. And at the same time, new innovative ad formats and opportunities have opened up, providing entirely new ways for brands to connect with gamers.

But understanding all these entry points, and which formats actually work, can still be difficult. And we’ve seen new challenges open up over the past year, particularly those relating to Apple’s new privacy restrictions on its devices, which have forced game developers to change their monetisation strategies, and in some cases even their game designs.

This guide, produced in partnership with Venatus, is designed to help you understand and navigate those challenges.

What’s Inside?

  • An industry map for the gaming landscape
  • A guide to marketing in the metaverse
  • Which opportunities are best for brands new to gaming
  • How mobile games are adapting to ATT
  • Which formats are working for buyers

Click here to download your free copy


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