VideoWeek Podcast #28: Aki Tsuchiya & Jamie West, Streamhub

Niamh Carroll 27 July, 2021 

This week’s episode features Aki Tsuchiya, CEO of Streamhub, and Jamie West, who has joined the company as a non-executive director. Jamie is probably best known for his work at Sky, where he was one of the people who led the pioneering Adsmart initiative. Since leaving Sky, West has been working with Streamhub after seeing how successful the company was in Japan, where they were successful in persuading broadcasters in the market to share their data to the mutual benefit of all. Also discussed in this episode was Streamhub’s work in helping broadcasters deliver the Tokyo Olympics during a pandemic, how they managed to get the Japanese TV market to work together and a regular theme of the podcast – just how can the TV incumbents survive the coming years and compete more effectively?


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