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What to Expect at Gaming & Advertising on Thursday, June 10th

Tim Cross 09 June, 2021 

Tomorrow VideoWeek will be holding our Gaming & Advertising virtual conference, kicking off at 9.30am BST.

If you still haven’t reserved you place, you can reserve your place here.

Over the past year, with audiences stuck inside, gaming has been more popular than ever. And as brands and agencies look past old stereotypes around which types of audiences play games and which products they’re interested in, more and more advertisers are looking to reach consumers through gaming. In this conference, we’ll be exploring some of the big opportunities and emerging technologies which are fostering these connections, as well as the challenges of advertising in such a fast-changing space.

We’re extremely proud of our line up of industry experts, many of whom are driving the biggest innovations in gaming and advertising. Here’s what to expect at tomorrow’s event:

In Conversation With Rob Norman: With over 20 years in the industry, including nearly two years as North America CEO at GroupM, Rob Norman has seen vast changes across the media and advertising landscape (while also helping to drive some of these changes). Since leaving GroupM, Norman has been working with a range of companies which he feels have the ability to shape the future of advertising, including in-play advertising business Admix. Here Rob Norman will give his take on the opportunities in gaming, and discuss the current agency landscape.
– Rob Norman, Senior Advisor, Admix
– Vincent Flood, Editor-In-Chief, VideoWeek (Interviewer)

Fireside Chat With Twitch: The Future Of Esports And Live Streaming: Esports and streaming perhaps gives the best visual representation of the rise of gaming. Even the biggest of cynics can’t ignore sports stadiums packed with esports enthusiasts, or livestream collaborations between gamers and some of the worlds biggest mainstream celebrities. But where do esports and live streaming go from here? In this session Krishan Patel from Twitch, the world’s biggest live streaming platform for gaming, will share his thoughts on how the space will evolve in the next few years, and how advertisers can make sure they’re part of that journey.
– Krishan Patel, Director of Sales, EMEA, Twitch
– Vincent Flood, Editor-In-Chief, VideoWeek (Interviewer)

The Rise Of In-Play Advertising: Ask any media buyer about which emerging technologies they find most exciting in gaming, and there’s a good chance they’ll mention in-play advertising. The opportunity to reach audiences while they’re actually immersed in an in-game world, rather than interrupting their experience to show them an ad, is certainly an attractive one. But if executed poorly, in-play advertising can detract from the game itself, putting off players and harming revenues. In this session, our pannelists will discuss the rise of in-play advertising, and what it takes to run an effective in-play campaign.
– Gabrielle Heyman, Head of Global Ad Sales, Zynga
– Francesco Petruzzelli, Co-Founder, Bidstack
– Niamh Carroll, Reporter, VideoWeek (Moderator)

Reaching the Unreachables: The Convergence of CTV & Gaming: While gaming comes with a whole range of unique ad formats and ways to reach consumers, there’s also space to bring over familiar formats and currencies which are already being used for CTV. This convergence presents an opportunity for advertisers to extend their CTV campaigns over to AAA games, in order to reach the “unreachables” who are spending less time watching TV, and more time on their games consoles. Here Dave Morgan from Simulmedia, one of the companies driving this convergence, will discuss how CTV and gaming can effectively work in tandem.
– Dave Morgan, CEO & Founder, Simulmedia
– Vincent Flood, Editor-In-Chief, VideoWeek (Interviewer)

Trust, Respect, And Amazing New Possibilities From Customer Data: Like most media channels, gaming is having to adapt to changing consumer expectations and device restrictions relating to privacy. In this session InfoSum’s Lauren Wetzel will look at privacy-conscious advertising in the gaming space, and how advertisers can use customer data to make sure they’re reaching the right audiences while still respecting privacy.
– Lauren Wetzel, President, North America, Global Strategy and Operations, InfoSum

What Do Media Buyers Want From Gaming? As with any new medium rich in innovation, it’s important not to lose sight of what advertisers actually want. And while new technologies and capabilities might look most exciting, often the most important thing is to nail the basics of measurement and standardisation. In this session we’ll hear the buy-side view on gaming – what’s most exciting to media buyers, and whether in-game advertising is getting those basics right.
– Lucy Rissik, CEO & Founder, Brotherhood of Brand
– Liam Brennan, Global Director of Innovation, MediaCom
– Rocco Quaradeghini, Account Director, Venatus
– Tim Cross, Senior Reporter, VideoWeek (Moderator)

We would like to give special thanks to our partners, InfoSum, Admix, Venatus, Twitch, Bidstack and Simulmedia for supporting this conference.


About the Author:

Tim Cross is Assistant Editor at VideoWeek.
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