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Digital Turbine to Acquire Fyber for $600 Million

  22 March, 2021

Digital Turbine, a company that helps apps has announced today that it has acquired Fyber, a mobile advertising monetisation platform, for $600 million. The deal gives gives Digital Turbine, a 95 percent to acquire Fyber’s mediation, exchange and advertising solutions.

This acquisition comes just a few weeks after Digital Turbine acquired AdColony, another mobile sell-side platform, for $400 million and Appreciate, a mobile demand-side platform, for $22.5 million. The acquisition of Fyber represents the latest in a trend of consolidation mobile sell-side platforms. Digital Turbine expressed that their acquisition of Fyber was part of the company’s larger strategy to create a comprehensive media and advertising solution for their partners.

“Fyber represents an extremely valuable puzzle piece for Digital Turbine to strategically assemble one of the largest full-stack mobile advertising solutions in the industry that will be advantageously positioned to leverage the Company’s vast device distribution footprint and array of innovative products, such as Single-Tap,” said Digital Turbine CEO, Bill Stone, “We believe that we will have all of the critical elements of a truly unique next-generation ad-tech ecosystem that, once integrated, will enable Digital Turbine to play a far more prominent and profitable role in the fast-growing and secularly-thriving $200+ billion mobile advertising and connected TV marketplace.”

Fyber currently has more than 180 programmatic demand partners that reach 650 million unique monthly active users across more than 180 different countries. According to Crunchbase, Fyber has raised a total of $125 million in funding over 7 rounds

“Fyber completed an amazing turnaround story and became a key monetization partner for top publishers in 2020. Our focus on publishers, transparency and unbiased approach plays very well with Digital Turbine’s vision and what the market wants,” said  Ziv Elul, CEO of Fyber. “Digital Turbine’s on-device platform is a unique asset that offers tremendous synergies that our own products will be able to leverage and continue our exponential growth. Combined with the AdColony and Appreciate assets, we offer a unique and profitable growth platform.”

Digital Turbine is headquartered in Austin, Texas, connects mobile networks and carriers with advertisers and apps, but is quickly becoming a power player in mobile ad tech. The company also provides an on-demand media platform that powers app and content discovery, user acquisition and engagement, operational efficiency and monetization opportunities. Digital Turbine say they work with some of the biggest mobile manufacturers and networks, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Telefonica, Samsung, Verizon, HTC, Singtel and Sony.

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