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NVF Roadmap 2021: What to Expect

Tim Cross 03 February, 2021 

VideoWeek is very excited that next week NVF Roadmap, our event mapping out the year ahead in CTV advertising, is returning for its second year on February 11th.

You can register for NVF Roadmap 2021 here.

As the pandemic proved last year, there are some things you simply can’t prepare for. But nonetheless the big topics from last year’s Roadmap – identity, the growth of AVOD, and transformation of the agency model – still proved to be some of the biggest forces shaping the media landscape.

This year, with the world recovering from a global recession, third-party cookies nearing their expiration date, and antitrust action set to disrupt and perhaps even break apart the biggest businesses in our industry, preparing for these changes is vital.

We’re extremely proud to have put together a line up of top quality speakers to explore and debate all of these issues. Here’s what to expect at next week’s event:

  • View from the US: In Conversation with Tom Rogers: There are few in the industry who have as broad of an overview of media and advertising as Tom Rogers. Rogers’ influencer throughout his career has been far reaching – from revolutionising TV news through founding CNBC and MSNBC, to overseeing the evolution of advanced TV as CEO of TiVo, to helping shape laws which regulate the US cable industry. Here Rogers give his take on Disney vs Netflix in the battle for SVOD supremacy, and the shifting sands of the US advertising market.
    – Tom Rogers, Chairman, Captify
    – Vincent Flood, Editor-in-Chief, VideoWeek
  • Antitrust in 2021: What to Expect: Last year we saw some of the first fruits of antitrust investigations into the US tech giants from both US and EU authorities. As lawsuits kick off and further investigations lead to new filings against the likes of Facebook, Apple and Google, DCN’s Jason Kint will explore the progress we can expect to see on antitrust issues in 2021.
    – Jason Kint, CEO, Digital Content Next
    – Vincent Flood, Editor-in-Chief, VideoWeek
  • What are the Emerging Identity Options for CTV Buyers and Sellers?: Identity will undoubtedly be one of the major industry talking points this year, with Google set to kill off third-party cookies at the beginning of 2022. But how does this conversation carry over to connected-TV, a naturally cookie-free environment? This panel will explore buy- and sell-side views on the emerging identity options in CTV, and the nuances of identity in the CTV space.
    – Belle Cartwright, Data Strategy Director, Essence
    – Catherine Hallam, Head of Client Data Strategy, ITV
    – Matthew Beck, VP EMEA Business, Publisher & Tech Development, Prohaska Consulting (Moderator)
  • The UK CTV Advertising Market in 2021: Connected TV saw a bumper 2020, as viewing hours soared with consumers stuck at home. But this growth also highlighted areas where the CTV advertising market still needs to mature. In this session Ofcom’s Marouli will explore how we can expect the CTV advertising market to develop over the coming year.
    – Eleni Marouli, Head of Marketing Development, Ofcom
  • Broadcaster Collaboration: Lessons from Japan: It’s fairly universally accepted that collaboration between broadcasters in Europe will be vital in order for those broadcasters to stay competitive. But this is easier said than done – while some broadcaster alliances succeed, many fall flat. Here Streamhub’s Tsuchiya will explore how Japanese broadcasters have made a success of collaboration, and the lessons their European counterparts could learn from Japan.
    – Aki Tsuchiya, Founder, Streamhub
  • What Does the Next Generation of Broadcasters and Platforms Look Like?: Broadcasters are starting to come round to the idea that CTV represents the future of the TV industry – now they need to ensure their businesses are ready to accommodate this reality. In this session, panellists will discuss the changes broadcasters and platforms will need to make to ensure they’re set to thrive in the new streaming-first world.
    – Emma Newman, CRO, EMEA, PubMatic
    – Justin Gupta, Head of Broadcast and Entertainment, UK & Ireland, Google
    – Katie Coteman, VP of Advertising & Partnerships, Discovery
    – Tim Cross, Senior Journalist, VideoWeek (Moderator)
  • Why Aren’t We Seeing More Interactive Creativity on CTV?: CTV opens up a lot of interesting creative capabilities for advertisers, but it’s rare to see ads which really make the most of this opportunity. Our panellists will explore the factors holding back interactive creativity on CTV, and how brands and agencies can use CTV’s creative toolset to its full potential.
    – Babs Maye, UK Head of DCO, MediaCom
    – Emma Morris, Managing Partner & Head of Investment, Starcom
    – Martin O’Boyle, Consultant
  • What Does the Gold Standard for CTV Measurement Look Like?: Solving measurement on CTV remains a high priority for buyers, and a lack of standardised measurement is holding back investment in the space. But how does measurement in CTV differ from traditional linear television, or from online video? Our three panellists, each deeply involved in different initiatives trying to tackle CTV measurement, discuss the gold standard the industry should be aiming for.
    – Bob Ivins, CSO, TVSquared
    – Bhavin Balvantrai, Chief Marketing Analyst, Omnicom Media Group UK
    – Lyndsey Albertson, VP of Strategic Insights & Research, NBCUniversal
    – Tim Cross, Senior Reporter, VideoWeek (Moderator)

About the Author:

Tim Cross is Assistant Editor at VideoWeek.
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