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TV Has an Opportunity to Fulfil Programmatic’s Original Promise

Tim Cross  29 October, 2020

We’re seeing a number of broadcasters and streaming services beginning to roll out tools to enable programmatic trading of their inventory, like ITV’s Planet V, and Hulu’s Ad Manager. And meanwhile several supply-side platforms are reporting strong growth in their connected-TV revenues in their financial statements. But as programmatic trading becomes more commonplace for TV, those working in the space say they’re keen to avoid some of the issues which programmatic display has faced over the past ten years.

In this panel Andre Swanston, CEO and co-founder of TruOptik, Lara Izlan, director of advertising data and analytics at ITV, Silvia Broggi, martech director at Mediaset, Austin Scott, head of video market development EMEA at Xandr and Lindsay Rowntree, head of content at ExchangeWire discuss how broadcasters can make a success of the shift towards programmatic.

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