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VideoWeek Podcast #8, Shingy

Vincent Flood  25 June, 2020

As it’s the week of what was supposed the Cannes Lions, this week’s podcast is with David Shing (more commonly known as “Shingy”), who one of the festival’s iconic faces and someone who has graced the main stage at the Palais more than most.

Up until last year, Shingy worked advertising industry and worked with AOL and then Verizon Media as their digital prophet. Shingy is part-marketer and part-futurist, and is now working independently with a number of clients. In this episode he joins Vincent Flood, Editor-in-Chief of Video Ad News, to discuss the predictions he got right and wrong, how he came to become a digital prophet, the Tim Armstrong years at AOL, the state of video and TV advertising, AR and VR, and of course what the future holds…

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