Lack of Clarity on Consent has Boosted the Walled Gardens in Europe says VideoAmp’s Jay Prasad

Tim Cross 25 June, 2019 

For players in the European advertising ecosystem who don’t have a direct relationship with consumers, there’s still a lack of clarity around how they can legally obtain consent to use consumer data says Jay Prasad, chief strategy and business officer at VideoAmp. A good example of this is the smart TV makers – they have the potential to have a big impact in TV advertising, but it’s still unclear which consent frameworks are acceptable under GDPR. Prasad says this has played into the hands of the walled gardens, helping them to raise their walls even higher.

In this interview, Prasad also discusses the current state of OTT advertising, and argues that while most of the pipework to enable cross-screen measurement is in place, the walled gardens are the main stumbling block. Filmed at the Cannes Lions Festival 2019.


About the Author:

Tim Cross is Assistant Editor at VideoWeek.
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