Facebook’s Valuation Doesn’t Stack Up says Liberum’s Whittaker

Tim Cross 09 October, 2018 

The consolidation we’re seeing in the TV world is undoubtedly having a huge impact on the landscape of the industry, but do these deals make long-term strategic sense, or are they just opportunistic land grabs fuelled by cheap credit? In this session recorded at New Video Frontiers 2018, Arete Research’s Will Milner and Liberum’s Ian Whittaker dissect some of the recent big mergers we’ve seen, including AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner and Comcast’s purchase of Sky, and give their views on which of these deals make sense from an investors’ point of view. The panel also discusses the huge valuations of the US tech giants, and say why they believe some of them are massively overvalued. Filmed at New Video Frontiers 2018 in London.

Video Rise
The Video Leadership Summit
Lisbon, November 14-16th 2018

Moderator: Jon Watts, Managing Partner & Co-founder, MTM
Will Milner, Senior Analyst, Arete Research,
Ian Whittaker, Head of European Media/Digital Equity Research, Liberum


About the Author:

Tim Cross is Assistant Editor at VideoWeek.
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