Mobile Video Soared in Europe in 2015, Now Accounts for Majority of Video Plays

Vincent Flood 11 December, 2015 

European mobile video consumption rose to 53 percent of all online video plays in the region, according to a new piece of research from Ooyala, the Telstra-owned video technology company. The trend indicates particular regions are further along in the adoption of mobile phones and tablets as a primary screen for video consumption as mobile continues to grow across all markets.

On the advertising side, Ooyala said that this year we saw increased traction for programmatic trading among premium video providers. The number of Deal ID deals – agreements for executing fixed-price transactions programmatically – more than doubled quarter over quarter, at a rate of 103 percent. Real-time bidding (RTB) also saw impressive growth, with 235 percent since Q2 2015. An Ooyala statement said that programmatic is on course to become the primary means of trading online video advertising.

Europe is moving towards mobile more quickly than rest of the world (taken as a whole) when it comes to video consumption on mobile devices:
Video Share by Device

And within Europe, Irish consumers are using their phones to watch video more than any other market, while the Swedes, Germans and French still favour desktop consumption over mobile devices:

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 13.27.24

Unsurprisingly, connected TVs are by far the most popular choice for content lasting 30 minutes or more. Ooyala say that over the past nine months, the share of time watched on connected TVs (CTV) increased from 43 percent to 71 percent:

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 13.28.54


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