Dmexco 2015: Bigger, More International and ‘Bridging the Digiconomy’ Beyond Media

Vincent Flood 26 August, 2015 

DmexcoDmexco continues to be one of the highlights of the digital media industry’s calendar and this year will be no different, as the event continues to becomes increasingly international each year. Here Christian Muche, Director Business Development, Strategy International, and Frank Schneider, Director Marketing, Sales Operations, explain what attendees are likely to expect. This article forms part of Video Ad News’s media partnership with Dmexco.

What the highlights be at this year’s event?

Christian Muche, Director Business Development, Strategy & International, DmexcoCM: With four halls, more than 850 exhibiting companies from the global digiconomy, and more than 500 top-notch speakers on six conference stages, there’s no doubt that visitors will experience more than a few highlights. Along with the premiere of the fourth hall, the Girls’ Lounge, and the Broadcasting Area, as well as the expanded Start-up Village, there will also be numerous exposition stands and interesting conference sessions that will address highly attractive and relatively new topics such as the Internet of Things and connected life. We also always look forward to new contacts, new ideas, new innovations, and new strategies from all sectors of the global digiconomy. That’s what makes dmexco so exciting!

How has the event changed over the years and what direction is it going in in the future?

Frank Schneider, Director Marketing, Sales & OperationsFS: As things stand at the moment, we are happy to report that more than 850 German and international dmexco exhibitors will be on hand, and we may even hit the 900-exhibitor mark for the first time. Based on the number of visitor registrations we’ve received to date, we expect to welcome more than 32,000 trade visitors from all over the world and from all sectors of the digiconomy. In other words, we’re well on our way to setting new records. All indications point to us growing in 2015 at a rate similar to what we’ve seen over the past five years, and we therefore expect exhibitor and visitor numbers to increase by ten to 15 percent.

This means that dmexco will be packed this year — even with the fourth hall that we’re using for the first time. So we are on a really great way – but growth in terms of quantity is not our only goal, as we also of course do everything we can to continually improve the quality of the event. dmexco is now well positioned in North America, and we’ve taken initial steps in Asia. Just about every relevant company in the German-speaking world is represented at dmexco as an exhibitor, which means that further growth potential is to be found in greater internationalisation. This year, we have noticed a significant increase in interest in dmexco among companies from the U.S. and Israel. However, we also have several exhibitors from smaller markets such as Estonia, Finland, Malta, Ukraine, and Uruguay. This consistent development of dmexco as a leading international event for the global digiconomy is what continues to bring more trade visitors to Cologne.

Are there any ‘must-see’ parts of the event for people interested in video advertising?

Christian Muche, Director Business Development, Strategy & International, DmexcoCM: First of all, it definitely makes sense to visit dmexco for the entire two days and spend each day — from morning till evening — enjoying the diverse highlights offered by the exposition itself, the conference, special formats such as the Start-up Village and the World of Experience, and the numerous discussions and presentations. At dmexco, preparation is also very important. We have more than 850 exhibitors, more than 500 speakers, and more than 200 hours of programs for all sectors of the digiconomy — everything from ad networks and agencies to connected life, content marketing, data, digital health, e-commerce, the internet of things, marketing automation, and networked mobility. With a special focus on video advertising you can look for relevant companies via the dmexco exhibitor search on the website and, of course, in the dmexco conference program are several great sessions on video advertising as well.

Do you have a theme for this year’s event?

Frank Schneider, Director Marketing, Sales & OperationsFS: “’Digital’ and ‘economy’ — two worlds are growing together. For some companies, the entry into this new digital economy, the ‘digiconomy’, has already been successful, but for many others the process has only just begun. However, one thing is already clear at all levels and in all areas of the global economy: Innovation and progress are mainly generated in those areas where very different worlds are successfully merging and contradictions are being bridged. With the motto ‘Bridging Worlds’ dmexco 2015 has therefore set itself the goal of bringing together in one place all of the analog and digital worlds from every region of the world. dmexco connects people, brands, and media. It brings together in one place the leading global personalities and the most important brands of the digital economy. We therefore regard dmexco as the central bridge that is effectively linking and bringing together these ever-expanding business sectors and successfully supporting them as we enter the age of the digiconomy. In short, dmexco 2015 is Bridging Worlds!


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