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Good News: Video Viewability Rates are Improving and Fraud Declining

Vincent Flood 03 February, 2015 

Integral Ad ScienceVideo viewability rates are up nine per cent to 39 percent from the previous quarter, according to a new report published by Integral Ad Science. The Q4 2014 Media Quality Report, which is based on data gleaned from the hundreds of billions of impressions processed during Q4 2014, also found that this impacted positively on completion rates while in view, which also rose from 20 percent to 26 percent.  Video ad fraud decreased from 15 percent in Q3 to 10 percent in the final quarter of the year.

The report also found that display ads purchased on networks and ad exchanges were deemed “viewable” at 53.4 percent and were around the same at 52.7 percent in the last quarter.  While viewability on networks and ad exchanges improved from 36.7 percent in Q3 to 42.6 percent in Q4.

“The UK is experiencing an increase in the adoption of viewability measurement technologies by networks and ad exchanges, as well as optimisation of media towards viewability.  While online ad fraud remains a concern, our report showed a slight increase in impressions being delivered to fraudsters – 3.3 percent (from 3.0 percent) for publishers, and 14.5 percent (from 13.7 percent) for networks and exchanges – over the previous quarter,” said Niall Hogan, UK Managing Director of Integral Ad Science. “It’s become increasingly apparent to the industry that many elements impact on media quality.  There is heightened awareness and demand for ads to meet or exceed quality standards.”

Last month Integral Ad Science’s Year End Survey results found that 57 percent of the industry transacted based on viewability in 2014, and even more so, 73 percent, plan to do so this year.


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