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Week in Review: Van in Cannes, First Dutch Cookie Investigation, WPP’s DMP

Vincent Flood 15 June, 2014 

Here’s a round-up of what has been happening in the world of video and TV advertising this week. To receive a weekly summary of what’s going on in the industry, sign up for the VAN newsletter.

VAN’s at the Cannes Lions

VAN will be at the Cannes Lions all this week and we’ll be bringing you the video and TV advertising highlights. If you’re out there this week, please feel free to get in touch to schedule a meeting if you haven’t done so already.

Dutch Data Protection Authority Takes Aim at YD Display Advertising Benelux in First Cookie Law Investigation

The online advertising agency YD Display Advertising Benelux (YD) allegedly violated Dutch privacy rules by using personal data for the behavioural targeting of internet users without their consent, according to the conclusion of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens) following an investigation of YD’s processing of personal data.

According to Mondaq, the CBP found that YD weren’t giving visitors the opportunity to accept or decline the placement of the cookies, whic violates the statutory consent requirements under the Data Protection Act and Telecommunications Act. While YD were providing users with the opportunity to opt-out, this was regarded as insufficient.

Although the cookie rules came into force in the Netherlands in early June 2012, they had not yet been enforced and this is the first time that the CBP has conducted an investigation into the placement of cookies.

Companies that have not yet done so are advised to review their use of cookies and, where required, ask for the visitor’s prior consent.

You can read the report (in Dutch) here.

Singtel Buys Adconion and Kontera

Amobee, the ad tech division of Singtel, a Singoporean telco company, announced that it acquired Adconion for $209 million and Kontera for $150 million. Adconion is a cross channel digital advertising company offering advertising across display, video, email and social. Kontera is a digital content intelligence and marketing technology company with offices in the US, UK and Israel. According to the statement, Kontera’s real-time digital content analysis platform ‘analyzes data across mobile, web and social networks, and enables advertisers to use its native advertising capabilities to serve the most relevant ads to consumers’. 

Xaxis Invests $25 Million in a Proprietary Data Management Platform

Xaxis have made yet another investment in proprietary technology with the announcement of a $25 million data management platform (DMP). WPP’s programmatic unit Xaxis has spent $25 million building one over the past 12 months, and is now offering it to clients. The DMP is called ‘Turbine’ and according to a press release the technology is “designed to manage not only first party data (its own) and third party data (coming from outside sources), but “second party” data it collects directly from a number of publisher partners”.

According to Xaxis CEO Brian Lesser, they felt it was necessary to build rather than buy technology. “What’s on the market isn’t enough to create the segments we can create,” he said.

A Xaxis blog post pre-empted questions publishers would be willing to share user data, Xaxis will manage over $750 million in ad spend this year according to Mr. Lesser, so there’s plenty of incentive. “Because of that scale, we’re willing to make commitments to publishers on inventory and in many cases those commitments allow us to gain access to data that our competitors can not gain access to,” he said. The data will never be associated with specific publishers, he said, but rather collected in the aggregate.

European Pay TV Revenues Flatten

European pay TV revenues will reach $40.35 billion in 2014, up from $36.87 billion in 2010, according to a new report from Digital TV Research. The European Digital TV Databook (covering 39 countries) reveals that the 2014 total will only increase by 0.6% on 2013 as average revenue per user (ARPUs) are hit by competition and the transition of subscribers to double-play and triple-play bundles (which result in higher overall ARPUs for operators but lower TV ARPUs).

Nearly 20 Percent of US Broadband Households Have a Streaming Media Player, But Google Chromecast Usage is Waning

New research from Parks Associates reports that usage of Google Chromecasts appears to be declining while adoption of streaming media players has increased to nearly 20% of U.S. broadband households, up from 14% in 2012.

Chromecast Use is Waning

Dutch Broadcasters Join Together to Create Subscription-based VoD Service

Three of the leading broadcasters in The Netherlands have joined together to create NLZiet, and on-demand service that will feature content from NPO Plus, RTL XL and Kijk. Users will be able to watch films and series for up to a year after broadcast, with no advertising, and some shows will be available for preview before broadcast.

 Ad of the Week, Beats by Dre, ‘The Game Before the Game’, R/GA New York


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