Google is ‘Finally Getting TV Right’ with ChromeCast

19 March, 2014 

Google ChromecastEvery time you think you’re starting to comprehend the connected TV space, another platform or device pops up with its own suite of apps and capabilities. Today it was Google’s turn, with the European launch of their hugely popular Chromecast device, which is a cheaply priced USB dongle that plugs straight into the back of a TV, enabling the user to ‘cast’ content from their mobile device straight to the big living room screen.

Earlier today VAN asked Michael Lantz, CEO of Accedo, a connected TV app development company, what he thought of Chromecast’s prospects. Bearing in mind that Michael has an almost unrivalled insight into what is and isn’t working on connected TV, not to mention the fact that he’s a self-confessed sceptic when it comes to new platforms, Lantz said he was ‘extremely bullish’ about Chromecast’s prospects. He explains why in the video below:

The Death of Smart TVs?

Luke Gaydon, VP of Media, EMEA, at Brightcove, also commented on the launch, saying, “As we’ve already witnessed in the US, Google’s Chromecast is a game changer – completely transforming how consumers access and enjoy content in their living rooms. Consider that previously every attempt at doing anything interesting with ‘interactive TV’ was driven by the notion that people keep set-top boxes for 10+ years. Chromecast throws out those constraints with a price point that makes it a flexible, disposable technology that the viewer can upgrade as frequently as they wish. What’s more, it makes the smart TV redundant by enabling viewers to enjoy immersive content on the main, ‘dumb’ screen, whilst enjoying search and discovery functionality on a tablet or mobile, using their personal device to control the viewing experience.”

“But what’s most exciting is that it’s now possible to envision a world where all your content viewing is online, on handheld devices, and in the living room. Every TV set in the home can be enhanced with Chromecast, paving the way for more personalised, addressable TV experiences. Devices like Chromecast and its rival Roku’s Streaming Stick open up an entire world of ‘second screen’ experiences and personalised channels. At the same time, they boost monetisation opportunities for publishers,” he added.


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