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Week in Review: Amazon’s Native Ads, Adap.tv’s TV Offering, Zenithoptimedia’s VideoLab

Vincent Flood  26 September, 2013

Here’s an overview of what has been happening in the video world over the last few weeks, with highlights from Amazon, Adap.tv, WeSee and Zenithoptimedia. To stay up to date and have the latest industry news and insights delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for the weekly VAN newsletter.

Amazon to Introduce ‘Native’ Video Ads for Ecommerce Clients

Lisa Utzschneider, VP of Global Advertising Sales at Amazon told Advertising Age about how they’re allowing Amazon retailers to host product demos, or any kind of video, on Amazon.com.

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Adap.tv Pathway Introduces TV Advertising, Beefs Up Mobile With Audience Anywhere

Adap.tv, a programmatic ad platform, announced the launch of Audience Anywhere, a set of tools that enable video publishers and advertisers to reach, engage, measure and monetise audiences across linear television, digital, mobile and other connected screens.

In addition to the expansion to include linear TV, Audience Anywhere will extend mobile device support through updated SDKs for iOS, Android and HTML5, new video ad units that increase available mobile inventory and enhanced mobile targeting including daypart, TV exposure, shopping behavior and more.

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Men Want Shoppable Video ads

WeSEE, advertising and visual classification company, say their research found that the majority of consumers (56%) would consider using ‘shoppable videos’ to make purchases directly from an online video. The study revealed that men are more interested in this service than women, with one in five men saying they would shop via online video if possible, though over half say they would do so on the condition that the purchase did not navigate away from the video they are viewing. This trend increases in the capital with nearly a third (31%) of Londoners saying that they would definitely be keen to shop straight from videos.

ZenithOptimedia Launches ‘VideoLab’ Consultancy to Assist with Client Video Content Marketing Strategies

ZenithOptimedia has launched ‘VideoLab’, a new programme globally aimed at helping clients develop more effective video content as part of their integrated communications. The initiative has been devised by ZenithOptimedia’s specialist branded content network Newcast in a collaboration with YouTube and Wildfire, Google’s social marketing product. VideoLab will offer a workshop process that will enable clients to make better decisions about their online video strategy and activation. 

Almost 3 in 5 TVs bought in 2017 will be Equipped with 3DTV

In 2017, 3DTVs will account for 58% of all TVs sold across the globe, rising from 18% last year. However, we’re not going to be watching everything in 3D any time soon. Sam Leech, Research Analyst, Futuresource Consulting explained, “Growth in the delivery of 3D content to the home is less apparent, with a varying array of broadcaster strategies – some are ending current commitments whereas others continue to increase output. What is clear is that 3D content will become increasingly restricted to premium and on-demand offerings.”

In the UK, the market leaders have taken polarised positions. BSkyB reaffirmed its commitment and Virgin Media will increase its range of 3D broadcasting, while the BBC has postponed trials, which will conclude by the end of this year and they will make no further 3D programmes for three years. Newly-established BT Sport claims no interest in the technology.

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