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No Problems with Using Third Party Cookies on Connected TV, Says 24i Media CEO

  25 March, 2013

24iMediaIf you ask about the use of cookies on connected TV, you tend to get a wide variety of answers. Sometimes you’ll here it’s not technically possible to use them (it is); others express concerns about privacy, as connected TV feels like a bit of a no-man’s land that sits between broadcast and online regulations; while others point out that —  if you can’t find out what that user is doing elsewhere online — cookies aren’t useful beyond frequency capping, which is a problem when connected TVs are rarely used for data-friendly activities such as shopping and browsing.

However, third party cookies can and are being used successfully used on connected TV, at least for things like frequency capping, as Martijn van Horssen, CEO of 24I Media, confirmed to VAN at TV Connect.  Van Horssen, whose company has developed apps for many of the leading Dutch broadcasters, says there’s no technical or privacy barriers, provided of course the publisher/broadcaster acquires consent from the consumer:

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