VIDEOWEEK@DMEXCO, Sep 21st: Join the Networking Dinner Launch Feature to Confirm Ads are Seen and Not Just Heard

Vincent Flood 01 February, 2013 The issue of whether an ad is viewable or not has been a major issue for display advertising, but it can be a problem for video too. While pre and mid-roll ads are usually likely to be within the browser viewport, it’s also possible ads for ads to be served – often on autoplay – to ad units that are either below the fold or on parts of the page where they’re likely to go unseen. are now tackling the problem head-on with ‘Certified Viewability’, a feature that ‘independently verifies the viewability of video ads in real-time and blocks impressions that do not appear to the user’.

Certified Viewability doesn’t make use of any third party services and uses proprietary technology that has been integrated into’s platform. Buyers can specify whether they want to target viewable-only impressions before serving a single ad. say publishers will also embrace the tool as a way to boost performance and buyer confidence.

“Until now, non-viewability has been a key issue holding back online advertising spend as advertisers are understandably nervous about paying for media that may not be seen,” explains Brian Fitzpatrick, managing director of Europe. “’s Certified Viewability addresses this problem because buyers are assured that every ad will be viewed by an individual.  This much-needed standardisation builds trust within the industry and gives buyers confidence in the digital channel.”

“Without question an ad that is never in view has zero value and Certified Viewability will have an impact on how we report back to our clients. The ability to drive higher engagement while subtracting out non-viewable ads demonstrates good campaign effectiveness and buying efficiency,” comments Dirk Fiebig, Operations Director EMEA, AMNET.


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